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 Instant aid hope for broken limbs

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Instant aid hope for broken limbs Empty
PostSubject: Instant aid hope for broken limbs   Instant aid hope for broken limbs Icon_minipostedThu Sep 20, 2007 11:47 pm

Extreme sports fans could soon have instant treatment if they break a limb in a spot far from medical help.

A team from Sheffield Hallam University has developed a versatile
portable plastic splint that can protect damaged bones and aid their

The First Aid Splint is designed to be used in isolated conditions which are difficult for medical teams to reach.

Developers hope it will be of particular use for those who are injured taking part in snow sports.

It is estimated that 45,000 such injuries occur every year.

The splint, which has won an international design award, applies
rigidness and heat quickly to the limb via a special gel created by a
chemically reactive metal strip and saturated sodium acetate solution.

Paul Chamberlain, professor of design at Sheffield Hallam University
said: "Plastic has surprising uses that are not currently being

Speed essential

John Brewer, director of the Lucozade Sport Science Academy, said:
"Rapid treatment of any injury is an essential part of the recovery

"Most traumatic injuries will cause internal bleeding and swelling,
which will be exacerbated if the injured area is moved or left

"Therefore a splint of this nature should be a positive aid to the
recovery and rehabilitation process, since it will quickly immobilise
the injured area and prevent further trauma from occurring."

Mr Brewer said winter sports were growing in popularity - and were a good way of encouraging exercise for the whole family.

"Any medical advances such as this splint which can make the sport safer has to be welcomed."

The splint was devised as part of an international collaboration
between the Sheffield team and France's Institut Superieur de
Plasturgie d'Alencon (ISPA) to explore the lightweight, pliable
properties of plastic.
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Instant aid hope for broken limbs
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